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A Clinton Murder of the Mentally Ill

NOTE: The address in this article is not Ronald Del Raine's current address, but is his address at the time of his writing this letter to the editor. For his current address, please see home page.





Ronald Del Raine
P.O. Box 3000
White Deer, PA. 17887
Bruce Anderson
Anderson Valley Advertisor
12451 Anderson Valley Way
Boonville, CA. 95415

Dear Bruce,

Another school slaughter. The 911 call stated that people are firing guns in the school (in the light of other recent rampages, could it be kids)? Then a goodly number of SWAT teams assemble outside the building. Could it be assumed that the children are being shot? What to do? Storm the school, prevent more shootings, rescue the injured? From what I saw on the idiotbox, they milled about for hours with their kevlar vests, shields, armored car, and machine guns before daring to go up against the two kids. I wonder how many might have been saved if given prompt medical attention? The most trenchant analysis of the causes of such multiple murders was printed in the AVA (Anderson Valley Advertisor) some time ago.

In the 1980's, Strongman R. Ray-Gun ordered an elite U.S. Army force to invade Grenada to "save the children," or to "prevent the Cubans from interdicting all Caribbean supply lines," (take your pick). A few hundred Cuban construction workers held them off for hours: artillery was called in to get a sniper. Hmmm, what would have been the result if it had been regular Cuban army soldiers?

When the Serbs were shelling Sarajevo from the surrounding hills, did the U.S. Chief of Staff state that we might lose a plane(s) if we bombed them? Or am I merely an embittered convict who just doesn't appreciate mismanaged military and pusillanimous police?


When I was in the Springfield, Missouri Federal Medical Center and refused their medical treatment, they lodged me in the "nut ward." (That will teach me!) Ricky Ray Rector was in the next cell. He asked everyone who came in, "Did they do it to you?" Whatever that meant. One quiet Sunday morning as I was doing a few pushups, Ricky suddenly started screaming loud, "Get the warden. Get the warden quick. Jackson's got a knife under his pillow and I want to go in there and get it." Jackson was in a solid front cell across the hall from us who was completly out of it." I started laughing so hard I couldn't finish my exercises.

When I managed to send him some coffee he said, "Oh thanks, no white guy ever did that before."

In Arkansas when they led him away to kill him (it took about 45 minutes to get the needle in) he had saved his pie to eat the next day. But Slick Willie had decreed that he was sane enough to be executed. Could their law be out of order?

P.S. This was written before the media commented on the SWAT teams delay.


 Use my name if printed.

About 417 words.

Ronald Del Raine
Ronald Del Raine
P.O. Box 3000
White Deer, PA. 17887

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