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A lady here in the Bible Belt sent me Anarchy #42 which contains a few excellent articles and items, some hocus-pocus, mumbo-jumbo, abracadabra, gobbledegook, claptrap and nonsense, e.g., the convoluted reasoning in the Wilhelm Reich article (or perhaps I'm not perceptive enough to comprehend his arcane analogies) . A lad here on my tier knew Reich (brilliant sexologist that he was) in Lewisburg prison where he died. I recently read The Freudian Left by Paul Robinson which analyzed his works.

You apparently allow divergent opinions in your most interesting "Letters" forum--no blinkered, tunnel-vision views only, eh? Good! I see some of the kiddies are on a lark breaking the rules and regs (yes, it may condition them to more useful escapades when they mature); the ab-sexos are allotted space advocating f----y [fucky] s---y [sucky] flippy floppy, or whatever, most of it being ok, as Oscar wilde stated, as long as they don't do it in the streets and frighten the horses (and perhaps they can experiment their way toward normalcy) ; the cons run it down about the joints, weeping and wailing, and rightly so, since we should have plotted and executed our capers more professionally, or failing in that, given the condition of 'Murica's prisons, shouldn't have been taken alive (and perhaps the P.L.A. will liberate them and they can fulfill their fantasies of revolutionary revenge); then the useful letters elaborating the various views on the political scene, i.e., "Insidious Cancer" (right on) , "True Anti-Establishment Right," "Sick and Tired," and "History Of Our Movement," etc. (and perhaps they can organize histories most successful revolution)

Of the dozens of "political prisoners" I've known in the last 28 years while being shuttled hither and yon in the vast and rapidly expanding Bureau of Prison's Gulag, Lorenzo "Komboa" Irvin is the only one whose done anything useful after release. These camps have many motor-mouth, rhetorical-revolutionaries. One specimen in the hole at Marion was so "get-down" that he claimed one had to be ready to kill your parents for the cause. But when it came time for a rumble with the hacks he was only finally located--under his bunk. One particular pet of the left was so dedicated that when finally released he immediately raped a woman Ah well. Clicking and clacking the jawbones is easy: most anyone can do it. One should at least compare the conversation/pronouncements with the actions. Is there a contradiction? If so, why?

But there are a few true blue, tried and tested over time, intelligent, educated "anti-establishment" lads in Uncle Sam's slammers. Unfortunately, most are in Florence super-max, or some other hell-hole and the master plans for their release only via the sally-port with a tag on their toe. One genuine political pal here has been in the S.H.U. for six months awaiting a disciplinary transfer charged with the heinous crime of having a six foot jump rope. The claim was that if he had five or six more, he could have scaled the wall. Of course, others use jump ropes with no repercusions. One poor unfortunate, Danny Delker, has been in the hole since 1973, except for a stretch in Marion's lockdown. He's now waiting in the hole in a Pennsylvania joint for transfer to a yet more repressive lockdown.

Yet, sadly, amongst most of the political cons I find a pattern of tactical failings. They have the idea that thieves/killers are beyond the pale; they're dishonest, they aren't to be trusted. But the politicos err when they don't learn the tactics of professional thieves. Now a "revo" must break the bourgeoisie laws, must at times go on the run, while evading detection. A pro thief knows various techniques needed for survival. A "revo" shouldn't be too proud, too pure to learn--even from a thief.

To illustrate: In Lewisburg in the 1970's, Father Daniel Ber rigan was associating with a known rat. A friend of mine, just a thief/killer, told the good Father, politely, to beware. But, undoubtedly, the informer professed anti-establishment leftist beliefs, blah, blah; so who is to be believed, that disreputable convict, or a politically aware comrade. The result--another show-trial stage managed by Big Brother with the inside conspirator, Mr. Rat, as the star witness.

But let it be known: they don't retaliate against P.O.W.'s, political prisoners, politically conscious cons, writ-writers, or dissidents. Never! But of course, this is S.O.P., nothing new.
Given the sad state of affairs here in the land of the free and the home of the brave, with policies being enacted such as:

Everyone is suspect.
He who is doing something suspicious is suspect.
Most suspicious is he who is not seen doing anything suspicious.
Every suspect can become an accused.
Suspicion is sufficient grounds for arrest.
The arrest of a suspect is sufficient and conclusive proof
of his guilt.

Then perhaps more than picketing, petitioning, protesting and praying should be advanced. Unfortunately, those few groups (and grouplets) extant seem to expend much of their time, energy and effort castigating others of the left for some slight deviation from their interpretation of the one and only politically correct party line. A little tolerance of others errors and more cooperation, even though you disapprove of their ideology -- as long as they are opposed to the state -- might lead to more effective action against the behemoth. As I tell some cons, even though I don't like you, your actions or ideas, if we're locked into two separate outhouses sliding into a cesspool, and we can save ourselves by throwing a rope to the other one and hooking a stump, then let's cooperate. If we don't, Big Brother's Juggernaut may crush us all individually.

So, if one espouses Communism (sharing the wealth more equitably and denying the existence of an invisible man living in that glorious land high above the sky), or even, gasp, racial separation (oh my goodness,gracious, me oh my, how horrid) and they are weakening the powers-that-be, even in some small manner, then why consider them the main enemy?


Ronald Del Raine
Box 1000
Leavenworth, KS.

(See home page for current address)

Editor: I've served 28 years of a 209 year term for bank robbery murder (six cops shot allegedly,two dead, two of us shot in Northlake, Chicago in October 1967). Open Road has printed an article of mine on the Marion prison lockdown legal opinion, as have communist journals. (I received 10 of the 209 for escape attempts.) Use name, address if printed.

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